In English

I am a Swedish artist living in Uppsala. My watercolor paintings are mostly landscapes (Misty Mountains, Cloudy Skies, Dusk and Dawn), buildings (Old Towns, Old&New, Cracks in the Facade) and people/meetings (Contact, Moments, Positions, Dance).

I am also a textile artist, making tapestry/ ”painting with yarn”. In 2003 I was awarded Sigtuna kommun’s culture prize for my woven art.

I have also made some oil paintings –  mostly portraits of old women (Every Wrinkle Tells a Story) and quarries (Mountains shaped by Nature and Time and by the Hands of Working Men).

I am a member of Uppsala Konstnärsklubb (Uppsala Artist Club)

and chairman of Kulturstugan / Märsta konstförening

At Mia Lundin’s HerCare in Danderyd, Stockholm, Sweden, you can see some of my water color paintings and woven art.

My next solo exhibition will be at Galleri 1, Uppsala, in May 2021.